With the ever-evolving world of technology, the way people conduct & operate their businesses is changing. Blockchain for some, has been nothing but a buzz-word. But for many it is shifting the way in which we record transactions and how we share them.

Blockchain is seen as a much safer way to record transactions because of the way the information is stored and shared. Instead of being centrally hosted on one network, the data is simultaneously replicated on several networks. Subsequently, this is more secure because it would be nearly impossible to attack the amount of networks hosting the information. This makes the sharing of information more secure, and with minimal risk of theft or fraud.

Blockchain may be “tamperproof” but, like any technology,  it’s only as secure as its users. And like any company, people are the most vulnerable component of security programs. As a result, those trusted with the data input are often targets of social engineering, insider threats, and scam attacks. Users are a crucial component to the success of the technology and the information shared within it. Companies looking to implement new technology should examine the security program as a whole before proceeding.

As technology evolves, our security programs need to as well. In today’s era, social engineering, theft, & fraud all threaten the integrity of information sharing. Protecting people and assets now requires both physical & digital intelligence; with right technologies and people in place to ensure success.

Blockchain Expo North America 2018


The LifeRaft team will be in Santa Clara California for the Blochain Expo, IoT Tech Expo, Al & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo November 27-29, 2018!


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