Corporate America spends billions each year on sophisticated cyber security defenses. But these innovative measures are increasingly vulnerable to a very low tech hacking technique: social engineering.

Social engineering is the practice of manipulating people into revealing confidential information. The attackers and the type of information they seek out vary. But their objectives could include everything from stealing passwords and banking numbers to accessing secured facilities.


Criminals know it’s far easier to exploit human vulnerabilities than hacking software bugs. And that can leave organizations vulnerable.

In this interview, host Robert Baillieul speaks with LifeRaft market strategist Neil Spencer. Neil has over 20 years of Industry experience advising government and corporate clients on security issues.


  • 1:00 What a British illusionist can teach us about physical security.
  • 3:07 What is social engineering?
  • 6:05 The new phone scam to avoid.
  • 8:30 The surprising reason why attackers target ordinary employees before high-ranking executives.
  • 9:00 The psychological principal of ”truth bias” and how attackers exploit this vulnerability.
  • 10:00 The key emotions social engineers target when manipulating victims.
  • 13:07 The incredible true story of how a European hacker swindled Facebook and Google out of $100 million.
  • 15:50 How safe are your friends and family from social engineering attacks.
  • 17:00 The new type of social engineering attacks to avoid.
  • 17:50 The popular social network that leaves professionals the most vulnerable to social engineering attacks.
  • 18:50 Pre-Texting. How criminals create online personas to launch sophisticated attacks.
  • 20:50 How to protect yourself and your organization from these types of attacks.


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Social Engineering as Explained with Movies
The more you know about social engineering tactics, the better you can protect yourself, your personal information, and your company’s security. We broke down some common examples of social engineering with some of our favourite movies.

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