Over the past few weeks, criminals have started to employ a new tactic against retailers to great effect: ORC flash mobs.

Loss prevention pros nationwide spent much the holiday season responding to a spat of ‘smash and grab’ robberies, in which a group of thieves swarm a store and ransack everything on the shelves. It presents a big headache for retailers.

In addition to the loss of inventory, flash mob robberies terrify customers and employees. And the high profile nature of such incidences can lead to a swath of negative media coverage.

So what stores are most at risk? And how can proactive security teams address this issue?

Drew Neckar, President and Principal Consultant at the Security Advisers Consulting Group, is on the show today. In this episode, he explains exactly what are ORC flash mobs and the threat they pose to retailers.

We also discuss:

  • How thieves pick their targets: 7 ways to protect yourself.
  • How to prevent flash mobs without compromising the customers’ shopping experience.
  • Why popular anti-shoplifting devices no longer work (and what to do about it).
  • Why you have to work with local retailers in your community to tackle this issue.

An illustration of a robber running away with bags of cash



How to Use OSINT Tools to Prevent Theft and Shoplifting
Retailers have reported a spike in thefts incidents. One possible solution gaining traction: open source intelligence, or OSINT tools.

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Combatting “flash mob” and “smash & grab” organized retail crime


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