Alternative social networks present a growing challenge for corporate security teams. These non-traditional platforms, such as Gab and Chan boards, can pose significant threats to organizations, including cyber threats, physical threats, doxing, and misinformation campaigns. And without monitoring these communities, security analysts could be overlooking serious risks to the company.

To address this issue, Neil Spencer, Director of Market Strategy and Partnerships at Liferaft, is back on the podcast. This week, he breaks down what alternative social networks are and how security teams can effectively monitor these platforms. In this episode you will learn:

  • Learn why monitoring smaller, obscure communities on these networks is critical for comprehensive threat intelligence.
  • Understand how alternative social networks can create echo chambers and contribute to the spread of misinformation campaigns.
  • Explore the importance of detecting early warnings and indicators of potential threats in the digital space.
  • Find out why brand protection is becoming a crucial piece of corporate security scope.
  • Hear real-world examples of how smaller, alternative social networks have provided early warnings of potential threats.
  • Learn about the long history of white supremacists using these networks to post manifestos before violent events.
  • Discover how monitoring these networks can help organizations get ahead of threats and plan effective mitigation strategies.
  • Gain insights into the implications of a threat to an organization's brand, both financially and from a physical security perspective.
  • Understand the significance of monitoring alternative social networks for both emerging and mainstream platforms.

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