Corporate Security Threat Intelligence Platform

Navigator Platform


Navigator monitors social media, deep web, and darknet sources 24/7, alerting you and your teams of the information you need most. The unified intelligence platform automates collection and filtering, and provides a suite of investigative tools to explore and validate threats. Save valuable time and resources by leveraging the power of Navigator.

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Monitor 24/7

Navigator monitors social media, and deep and dark web sources 24/7. The digital threat intelligence platform automates and filters the content eliminating the need to manually scroll through feeds of posts to identify critical information. This saves you valuable time and resources when you need to act fast.

Alerts in Real-Time

Navigator sends push notifications of posts that meet your notification criteria. You can be alerted when someone is threatening your executive, trespassing on your property, or if an emerging event is threatening the safety and operations of your organization.


Instead of using multiple tools and manual processes, Navigator provides a suite of investigative features so you can collect information on suspicious accounts, validate threats with location data and, track information on the deep and dark web, and understand the nature of online relationships.

Location Services


Identify relevant posts based on location, which is gathered through geotags or inferred from post content.

Link Analysis


Use Navigator’s interactive graph to easily visualize connections and relationships within online communities.

Social Reenactment


Look back at a past event or date from a social perspective to examine online posts for critical information and other insights.

Intelligent Data Mining


Gather, sort, and filter billions of posts daily to identify only those relevant to your organization’s particular scope of interest.

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