It isn’t winter yet but we’re flying south!



Monday kicks off the OSMOSISCon 2019 Conference, in Orlando FL! Three of our best and brightest, MJ, Kathi, and Heather fly out this weekend for three full days of OSINT speakers, investigators, and innovators.

This is one of our favorite shows because we get to learn from the best in OSINT and share how our company is bolstering security programs to leverage the most out of their open source investigations.

If you’re new to OSMOSIS, make sure to connect with MJ, Heather, and Kathi. Aside from throwing a legendary party every year, the insight and connections they have made at OSMOSIS continue to broaden our community and the OSINT community as a whole.


The Navigator team is headed to Brazil

And if you find yourself a little more south (way more south) you’ll be in good company with Cristian Martins & Crisdeizy Diaz, who are heading to Brazil. We’ll be co-hosting a seminar in Sao Paulo with one of our Latin American partners, Kadima, on how threat intelligence can be leveraged for business and security risks. They’ll be expanding our network and the good work of our distributers and resellers in the region.

Reach out to any of our team members on LinkedIn or via for more information or to attend one of our networking events!

Here’s a recap of our recent visit to Chicago for the 2019 GSX conference.

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