5 Tips to Find Corporate Data Leaks Online


Every day there seems to be another article shared about a data leak or breach of private or public organizations; from email addresses, passwords, login credentials, to employee IDs going viral. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee leaking sensitive data or competitors who have hacked and posted product specs – it’s bad news for everyone at the company.

Leaked corporate data information on the web can impact your entire organization
Leaked corporate data information on the web can impact your entire organization.

It may be your job to find the leak and mitigate the damage, or perhaps your product information has been compromised. Worse yet, it could be your personal information that’s been disclosed and shared online. Regardless of your position, leaked information on the web can impact your entire organization.

So – what can you do if you suspect you may have been targeted? The lines aren’t as clear with digital security as they may be with physical security, making the validation of a threat tougher. If you don’t currently have a plan of what to do when you suspect you’ve been hacked, here are a few tips for what to do and where to search for your information:

  1. Determine what key, sensitive information may have been compromised
  2. Make a list of key words to search
  3. Examine the following deep web sources for keywords:
  • Pastebin
  • Chan Boards
  • Reddit
  • Classifieds
  1. Monitor each site daily for potential leaks
  2. If a breach is found, report immediately to minimize damage

In addition to intentional data hacks, often data leaks can happen without any malice involved. When it comes to cyber-security, ensuring employees aren’t accidentally sharing confidential information is a difficult task. Especially when criminals are becoming savvy to using social media content against the employee. To read more about how social engineering is used for cyber attackers click here.

If you’d like to see a case study detailing data leaks found on the deep web, contact us.

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