The best way to protect your people, assets, brand, and data is to know what's coming

The digital landscape has become unimaginably expansive and shows no signs of slowing down. Potential threats and threat actors are lurking in all corners of the web. Human teams can’t sift through and identify all potential risks to an organization without the aid of powerful technology

That’s where open source threat intelligence comes in.

Navigator is the best way to protect your organization from threats to business continuity.

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Logo of Navigator, which is OSINT software by LifeRaft.
Image of Naviator’s dashboard featuring a brand protection tool provided by LifeRaft, an OSINT software company. Navigator's Query feature Navigator's Global Awareness feature

Navigator provides brand protection services that cut through the online noise to identify and validate OSINT threats across the broadest range of mainstream and niche data sources. We help companies protect people, assets, and businesses — making the world around us safer every day.  

Finding a needle in a haystack

With billions of posts online everyday, Navigator’s AI filters only the most relevant data to you and your company, saving time, resources, and expense.

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Our OSINT Platform Process

Discovery Call

1. Book a discovery call

with our team

Our OSINT product experts will help you determine what services you need to most effectively protect your organization from threat actors.

Customized Demo

2. Receive a customized demo based on the scope of work

In your custom demo, we will demonstrate how this protective intelligence platform can help your organization make the most well-informed business and security decisions.

Platform Onboarding

3. Commence onboarding of
our platform

You will receive ongoing support from a customer success manager so you can begin monitoring online activity immediately.


Fortune 100

Navigator is currently used globally as an OSINT tool in multiple industries supporting many of the Fortune 100 and Top 10 companies.

NSF-ISR Certification Icon, registered to ISO-IEC-27001

LifeRaft is proud to be NSF-ISR certified.


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