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Automate the collection and ongoing monitoring of social media, alternative forums, and other web sources – targeted through keyword matching, location data, and our darknet search engine.

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Alerts in Real-Time

Customize and automate desktop, email, Slack, or app notifications to know when critical intelligence  impacts the security of your assets, executives, and operations.

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Navigator scours the internet for you to uncover intelligence to validate threat insights, assess risk, identify patterns, and generate threat feeds for a particular region, topic, or scope of interest.



Navigator monitors social media, deep web, and darknet sources 24/7, alerting you and your teams of the information you need most. The unified intelligence platform automates custom collection, and provides a suite of investigative tools to explore and validate threats. Save valuable time and resources by leveraging the power of Navigator.

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Finding a needle in a haystack

With billions of posts online everyday, Navigator’s AI filters only the most relevant data to you and your company, saving time, resources, and expense.

4.93 Billion

Global Internet Users

4.2 Billion

Global Social Media Users

96 %

of web pages are found on the Deep & Dark Web


Fortune 100

Navigator is currently used globally in multiple industries supporting many of the Fortune 100 and Top 10 companies.

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LifeRaft is proud to be NSF-ISR certified.

"If my team had to still do this manually, I would never be able to secure this depth and breadth of actionable intelligence. I am confident that we are getting to 90% of the internet’s risk areas, which currently satisfies the company’s risk appetite."


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