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Navigator for Threat Actor Investigations

As a corporate security analyst, finding and understanding the individuals and groups that pose a threat is critical to protecting your organization. 

Threat actors are constantly evolving their tactics and strategies, making it difficult for companies to have the context they need to reduce potential risks. With the right tools, organizations can now find intelligent solutions that quickly respond to threats.

How Navigator Threat Intelligence Solutions can help with Investigations:

  • Uncover the online footprint of a threat actor 
  • Associating an online persona with a real-world individual
  • Assess the digital history of a threat actor across multiple online sources from surface web to dark web
  • Provide automated alerting to understand changes in threat posture  
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Laptop showing Navigator's  threat intelligence Dashboard feature for brand protection Navigator's threat intelligence Query feature dashboard example for brand protection Navigator's Threat Intelligence Global Awareness feature for brand protection

Navigator’s threat intelligence solutions identify and validate OSINT threats across the broadest range of mainstream and niche data sources. We help companies protect people, assets, and businesses — making the world around us safer every day.  

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