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Navigator for Threat Actor Investigations & Case Management

As a corporate security analyst, finding and understanding the individuals and groups that pose a threat is critical to protecting your organization. 

Threat actors are constantly evolving their tactics and strategies, making it difficult for companies to have the context they need to reduce potential risks. With the right tools, organizations can now find intelligent solutions that quickly respond to threats.

How Navigator Threat Intelligence & Case Management Solutions can help with Investigations

  • Uncover the online footprint of a threat actor 
  • Associating an online persona with a real-world individual
  • Assess the digital history of a threat actor across multiple online sources from surface web to dark web
  • Provide automated alerting to understand changes in threat posture  
Our Case Management Application


Elevate your investigative process by streamlining your workflow and eliminating the need for multiple systems. 

Dossiers provide a unified hub for intelligence discovery, collection, and ongoing management, maximizing efficiency and minimizing complexity.

Each individual Dossier serves as a centralized repository, housing valuable information related to your cases, sourced from in-platform results and external file uploads. Experience the power of consolidated intelligence management with Dossiers, driving informed decisions and strategic outcomes.

A screenshot of Navigator's Dossiers feature
A screenshot of Navigator's Dossiers feature

Key Features

  • Centralize PII, locations, social profiles, employment, and other pertinent data for ongoing monitoring, data repository, or investigation.
  • Create Group Dossiers in order to facilitate continuous collection, monitoring and management of a Group of Interest.
  • Unveil the complex web of connections between Dossiers, with the ability to illustrate and explore relationships among Threats, Principals, and Friendlies.
  • Add a timeline activity to track significant events and milestones within your Dossiers and link Queries and Followings for a holistic understanding of the investigative landscape.
  • Further enrich your Dossier with the ability to add an Event, providing a centralized hub for all of your Investigative framework. Whether the event is online or in person, you can be sure that every crucial moment and interaction is recorded! 
  • Escalate and share your Dossiers (incidents and cases) with your crisis management team or enforcement officials.

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