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Navigator for Location & Event-based Threat Monitoring

From political unrest to economic instability and natural disasters, many factors must be considered when monitoring for and managing these threats. 

Geopolitical Risk Management

As a corporate security analyst, your organization faces a range of potential geopolitical risks that can impact your operations, employees, and assets. 

How Navigator can help with Geopolitical Risk:

  • Monitor for physical, cyber, environmental, or situational threats or events that impact business continuity
  • Leverage analyst-annotated notices on events around the globe for risk assessments and reporting
  • Collect data from local online sources that provides ground truth for emerging or ongoing situations
  • Harness curated regional feeds to identify trends and events that will inform decision making  
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Navigator cuts through the online noise to identify and validate OSINT threats across the broadest range of mainstream and niche data sources. We help companies protect people, assets, and businesses — making the world around us safer every day.  

Event Security

As a corporate security professional responsible for event security, you understand the importance of staying ahead of potential threats and ensuring the safety of attendees, staff, and assets.

With an increasing number of potential threats, including extremism, weather events and violence, it is more important than ever to have access to timely intelligence and threat management tools.  

How Navigator can help with Event Security:

  • Investigate known threat actors or uncover key intelligence to conduct identity resolution
  • Monitor activity of interest, relating to topics, locations, or online authors of interest
  • Set up custom search queries for intelligence relating to intrusions, acts of violence, counterfeit, or other disruptive activity
  • Analyze custom dashboards with curated threat feeds, dynamic mapping, and high-risk posts for monitoring
  • Conduct investigations on networks of interest, connectivity, and relationships to executives or business interests 

Physical Asset Protection

As a security professional responsible for physical asset protection, ensuring the safety of your organization's assets is a top priority.

With a wide range of potential threats, you need the latest information to successfully monitor threats to your physical infrastructure, offices and critical locations.  

How Navigator can help with Physical Asset Protection:

  • Identify threats of violence or safety-related concerns
  • Monitor for severe weather or issues from ongoing global events that could impact the security of your assets
  • Be notified of location-based activity that may disrupt your operations based on risk-level or proximity
  • Investigate and track niche sources for security intelligence
  • Display dynamic mapping and data visualization for ease of analysis 

Interested in what Navigator can do to help bolster your threat monitoring initiatives?

Event Detection

As a corporate security professional responsible for detecting disruptive events, you need to be able to detect potential events that pose a threat to your business operations before they escalate.

How Navigator can help with Event Detection:

  • Analyzing social media to identify emerging posts that could signal a disruptive event
  • Analyze location-based and inferred data, providing insights into potential threats in specific areas
  • Harness curated localized social media feeds to identify events that emergency services and news sources are reporting
  • Display dynamic mapping and data visualization for ease of analysis
  • Automating alerts to inform security teams and stakeholders of emerging events
  • Providing context and ongoing validation following the initial event detection  

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