Platform Overview

Our unified intelligence platform automates collection and filtering, and provides a suite of investigative tools to explore and validate threats. Uncover critical information that impacts the security of your assets and operations.

Save valuable time and resources by leveraging the power of Navigator. 

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Aggregate Your intelligence sources with

Automated Collection

Navigator monitors the internet 24/7 with custom search criteria to detect high-risk threats to your people, assets, and operations from diversified sources.
  • Social Media
  • Blogs, Boards, Forums
  • Alternative Social Channels
  • Classifieds, Paste Sites 
  • Deep Web sites
  • Dark Web sources
Customize your visualization with

Filtered Intelligence

Finding the needle in the haystack is a growing challenge for security operations teams. Navigator provides advanced filtering tools to capture the breadth of the online threat landscape.
  • Custom Keyword Tracking
  • Boolean Search Terms
  • Curated Threat Feeds
  • Geo-location
  • Inferred Location
  • Analyst Annotated Events
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Investigative Tools

Uncover, explore, and use a variety of sources to validate intelligence related to threat actors, events, and special interest projects or security issues.
  • Identity Resolution
  • Targeted Monitoring 
  • Threat Intel Management

  • Dashboards/Visualization
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Threat Connectivity

Notify your team with

Alerts & Reporting

Send or receive alerts or summary reports in relation to events, assets, or operations. Navigator sends push notifications of intelligence that meets custom notification criteria.

  • Real-time Alerting
  • SMS, Email, Mobile App Alerts
  • Slack Alerts
  • Reports/Alert Summaries
  • API Integrations
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Feature Highlights

A screenshot of Navigator's Global Awareness feature

Global Awareness

Display company assets on the map and alert your team of potential threats within a custom radius, including extreme weather, disruptive events, public safety, etc.

A screenshot of Navigator's Live Monitoring capabilities

Live Monitoring

Gather and filter data from millions of online sources with custom parameters, reducing the noise to return only the most relevant posts and intelligence.

Navigator's Dossiers feature

Threat Management

Simplify your investigations by consolidating intelligence discovery, validation, and ongoing management of threat actors, specific events, or business entities.

Use Cases

While the use cases for Navigator are endless, the examples below are the most common among our clients.

Anti-Piracy/Content Protection

As the world continues to expand and evolve online, new piracy methods are challenging intellectual property divisions everywhere:

  • Identify unauthorized use of IP on the internet
  • Uncover niche “how-to” guides for bad actors
  • Monitor unique sources for leaked content
  • Detect counterfeit materials on marketplaces/forums
  • Discover/track streaming sites
  • Conduct investigations and perform identity resolution
Asset Protection

Monitor for threats to your executives, employees, infrastructure, and offices.

  • Identify threats of violence or safety-related concerns
  • Monitor for severe weather or issues from ongoing global events that could impact the security of your assets
  • Be notified of location-based activity that may disrupt your operations based on risk-level or proximity
  • Investigate and track niche sources for security intelligence
  • Display dynamic mapping and data visualization for ease of analysis
Brand Protection / Public Relations

Be prepared in the event of a crisis or issues that may challenge brand protection:

  • Filter and analyze data to understand trends, influencers, and conduct market research
  • Monitor customer/stakeholder sentiment
  • Analyze how current Issues impact your operations
  • Investigate controversial conversations surrounding your brand
  • Aggregate and consolidate data for crisis management
Business Continuity

Understand how information on the internet can inform your decisions and provide intelligence for critical operations.

  • Identify disruptions to supply chain, infrastructure, and other key assets or operations
  • Monitor and investigate emerging events impacting your industry/company
  • Investigate connectivity within networks related to your business
  • Discover threat actors that impact your business
  • Identify pertinent online authors and intelligence related to identity resolution
  • Consolidate and manage intelligence from within a single collection & investigation platform
Crisis Response

Follow emerging situations and global or local activity to better inform crisis response plans and reduce reaction time for key operations.

  • Display curated threat feeds specific to a location and/or scope of work
  • Use dynamic global and local mapping tools for severe weather, health & public safety, disruptive events (planned or emerging)
  • Be notified of activity within a predetermined radius of static assets in real-time or a specified alert cadence
  • Apply advanced filtering by keywords, risk level, source channel, etc. to reduce noise and return actionable intelligence
  • Leverage online crowd-sourced intelligence along with analyst-verified event activity
  • Understand impact from past events to develop future preparedness plans
Cyber & Intellectual Property

Monitor difficult-to-navigate deep web and darknet sources with custom search criteria to uncover a wealth of information that is traditionally inaccessible.

  • Monitor for leaked data, such as doxxing and sensitive personal or business information
  • Identify vulnerabilities and exposure to threat actors
  • Monitor for cyber threats to your systems or employees, including planned DDOS attacks, phishing scams, etc.
  • Analyze trends within cyber security and which industries are experiencing targeted attacks
  • Investigate brand and employee social exposure
  • Investigate leads and online aliases with curated sources and access to our darknet search engine
Executive Protection

There is a wealth of intelligence from online sources that can help security teams manage threats and exposure to their executives:

  • Targeted monitoring of events, entities, and bad actors
  • Physical & digital threat detection related to an executive or their families, associates
  • Understand and analyze social engineering exposure
  • Perform travel/location research & analysis
  • Uncover PII and doxxing on the deep web & darknet
  • Perform due diligence for assets, operations, & business entities
Event Security

Use OSINT and investigative tools to protect your physical and digital perimeters for sports & entertainment, conferences & tradeshows, major business events, disruptive events, or evolving global circumstances

  • Investigate known threat actors or uncover key intelligence to conduct identity resolution
  • Monitor activity of interest, relating to topics, locations, or online authors of interest
  • Set up custom search queries for intelligence relating to intrusions, acts of violence, counterfeit, or other disruptive activity
  • Analyze custom dashboards with curated threat feeds, dynamic mapping, and high-risk posts for monitoring
  • Conduct investigations on networks of interest, connectivity, and relationships to executives or business interests

The online threat landscape continues to expand with new sources and sites emerging daily, increasing space for bad actors to perpetuate their scams and advance their fraudulent activity.

  • Investigate known threat actors or conduct identity resolution
  • Monitor for imposter accounts, misrepresentation, scams, how-to guides, etc.
  • Identify false advertising campaigns and analyze the impact or security exposure
  • Search for and track the promotion/sale of counterfeit materials or services
  • Follow authors of interest and learn more about connectivity within networks or in relation to those with sensitive information
  • Retain data, consolidating information into a central platform for further investigation or case management
Location Monitoring

Whether a fixed asset or garnering intelligence for travel, business expansion, or operational impact, monitoring locations of interest is critical to security operations.

  • Monitor for physical, cyber, environmental, or situational threats or events that impact business continuity
  • Leverage analyst-annotated notices on events around the globe for risk assessments and reporting
  • Contextualize both proximity and high-risk events within a custom radius to your fixed assets
  • Uncover information for identity resolution or to garner further intel on known threat actors
  • Customize notifications for first-alert or a specified cadence of summary reports
  • Display location-based data on customizable dashboards for ease of analysis and ongoing monitoring

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