How a renowned biotechnical company enhanced its cybersecurity capabilities by leveraging Navigator’s Dark Web module to mitigate a data breach.

A renowned biotechnology company had recently implemented a trial of Navigator’s Dark Web module to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities.

During the trial period, the company’s cyber team received an alert from one of their existing vendors regarding a potential data breach involving one of their employees email accounts. However, the vendor’s notification lacked detailed information, providing only a vague mention of a breach and a limited date range. The cyber team realized they needed more information to effectively address the incident.

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Taking advantage of their Dark Web trial, the Global Intelligence team (GI) initiated a domain search to investigate the reported breach and successfully uncovered a trove of relevant information. They identified the breached email addresses and determined the exact location where the data had been posted on the Dark Web.

Armed with the additional details from the Dark Web monitoring, the GI team proactively reached out to their cyber counterparts. The collaborative partnership between the teams not only allowed for seamless sharing of the newfound information, but also showed how Navigator could show value to both teams and support a variety of use cases. The GI team provided the cyber team with the specific email addresses and the exact posting location, enabling them to take necessary action to protect the affected individuals and secure the organization’s systems.

The successful resolution of the data breach incident highlighted the value of the Dark Web monitoring service. The ability to uncover additional pieces of information not available through traditional channels proved critical in supporting the cyber team’s response efforts.

As a result, the company recognized the importance of integrating the Dark Web service as a permanent solution to enhance their overall cybersecurity posture.

“While we were trialing the Dark Web tool, we set up a domain search. We were able to identify that these email addresses were breached at some point in time, and this is where they had been pasted. It ended up being a great use case to go back to our cyber team in that collaborative partnership and say, ‘We found some additional pieces of information that might be useful for you,’ so they could do what they needed on their end.”

How Navigator can help with Threat Actor Investigations

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  • Uncover the online footprint of a threat actor 
  • Associate an online persona with a real-world individual
  • Assess the digital history of a threat actor across multiple online sources from surface web to dark web
  • Provide automated alerting to understand changes in threat posture

Using Open Source Intelligence For Cyber Threats & Threat Actor Investigations


People Search

Use People Search to learn more about the individual and validate the threat

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Follow Accounts of Interest

For ongoing monitoring

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Deep & Dark Web Monitoring

Threats can emerge from a growing list of alt-tech social networks and the Deep and Dark Web.

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