At LifeRaft, we know from talking to hundreds of OSINT analysts that online misinformation presents a growing challenge.

Social networks make it easier than ever for fake news to spread. And we have already seen how digital misinformation can have a corrosive effect on democracies.

This presents a big problem for the OSINT community, too. After all, no one can deliver good intelligence with bad information. And this can have huge implications for those that rely on our work.

So what’s the solution?

Melanie Trecek-King, Associate Professor of Biology at Massasoit Community College, is on the show today. She has over 20 years of experience as a scientific educator teaching students about critical thinking.

In this episode, we discuss her seven-step process for debunking misinformation.

Expect to learn the three reasons why we’re prone to falling for misinformation, the simple exercise to “inoculate” yourself against fake news and misleading claims, using “lateral thinking” to quickly fact-check information online, and much more.


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