Picture this…
You're sitting in a room during another training session, listening to someone at the front of the room drone on and on. They flip through endless pages of a binder, reading aloud monotonously. Your mind starts to wander, and before you know it, you're daydreaming about the fun things you'll do after work. Sound familiar? We've all been there!
Ensuring employees retain crucial safety information can be a real challenge for employers. Despite the best intentions, traditional training sessions often fail to engage employees effectively. When information is presented in a dry and uninspiring manner, it becomes difficult to capture attention and make the material memorable. Consequently, employees may not retain the knowledge they need to stay safe in the workplace.
The consequences of ineffective safety training sessions extend beyond employee disengagement. Poorly designed and implemented programs can cost companies a significant amount of money. When employees fail to retain crucial safety information, accidents and injuries are more likely to occur. These incidents not only harm individuals but also result in increased healthcare costs, lost productivity, and potential legal liabilities for the company.
So what’s the answer?
On the podcast today is Dr. Tristan Casey, Director of New View Safety. In this episode, we discuss the common reasons why safety training programs often fail to engage employees. Dr. Casey will also share his insights on transforming training sessions into exciting and memorable experiences.
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