For years, the fundamentals of event security rarely changed. But increasingly, teams have started to add a new piece to their defensive tool kit: social media monitoring.

Nowadays, just about everyone visiting your venue has a smart phone in their pocket. That can effectively turn them into a second set of eyes for spotting potential security risks like crime, violence, or other emergencies.

For instance, a fan may leak the location of a VIP on Snapchat. Or a staff member may post a picture of their work badge to LinkedIn — which could be exploited by bad actors to access secured facilities.

All of which can compromise the safety of people and staff attending your event.

In this conversation, LifeRaft product specialist Tristan Laugher discusses the role social media monitoring can play in event security, as well as practical tips for conducting surveillance more effectively. He also explores how security leaders can demonstrate the value of a robust threat intelligence program to executives in their organization.



In this episode, you will learn:

  • The little known social networks where threat actors are migrating right now.
  • The most common social media monitoring mistakes that compromise event security.
  • Why you’re overlooking critical new threats online (and what to do about it).
  • The one lesson event security teams can learn from the US Capitol riots.
  • How are your fans and employees accidentally compromise your organization’s security online.
  • The biggest blindspot in most corporate threat intelligence programs.