HALIFAX, AUGUST 14th, 2023 — LifeRaft, a leader in the field of threat intelligence software, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with 360 Privacy, a pioneer in digital privacy protection. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing our comprehensive approach to safeguarding individuals and corporations from online threats, data breaches, and digital vulnerabilities.

This partnership brings together LifeRaft's cutting-edge threat intelligence platform and 360 Privacy's expertise in eliminating personal information from the digital landscape. The combined strength of these two industry leaders will provide unparalleled protection for high-profile individuals, corporate executives, and other vulnerable targets.

"We are excited to welcome 360 Privacy as LifeRaft's first services ecosystem partner. LifeRaft adopts a best-of-breed approach to partnering. 360 Privacy has a proven record of focusing on digital executive protection and delivering a market-leading product. This partnership will provide LifeRaft customers with a clear remediation step when dangerous PII is identified using Navigator." said Neil Spencer, LifeRaft’s Director of Market Strategy and Partnerships.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with LifeRaft to bring digital privacy services to a larger audience,” stated Ben Barrontine, VP of Executive Services of 360 Privacy. “Individually, our two companies provide best in class security services; and by working together, we are able to offer a streamlined approach that will be invaluable to our clients and their security teams.”

360 Privacy's innovative technology and dedicated team enable the reduction of digital footprints, protecting clients from potential risks that may arise from their online presence. With their support, LifeRaft aims to address the growing concerns of privacy-conscious individuals, corporate leaders, and security professionals seeking advanced solutions to safeguard their digital identity.

The partnership between LifeRaft and 360 Privacy will result in a unified offering that covers both threat identification and proactive privacy protection. This collaboration will enable clients to respond effectively to threats while ensuring their digital footprint remains secure. Both companies are excited about the potential impact this partnership will have on the industry and look forward to helping more individuals and organizations stay safe in the digital world.

For more information about LifeRaft and its comprehensive threat intelligence solutions, please visit www.liferaftinc.com/product. To learn about 360 Privacy and their innovative digital privacy protection services, visit www.360privacy.io/.

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