Navigator Dossiers, unify your threat intelligence and investigation management

LifeRaft is releasing a threat management feature, coined as ‘Dossiers’, to bolster its security intelligence platform, Navigator. Dossiers will consolidate intelligence discovery, collection, and ongoing management of threat actors, specific events, or business entities.

Users will be able to conduct investigations and organize content more easily with the brand-new user interface, being launched in conjunction with Dossiers. The new user interface focuses on ease of use and allows for simplified threat management and visualization, along with more intuitive navigation specific to security analyst and investigator workflows.

The Dossiers Dashboard will display profile insights belonging to the Principal or Threat Actor including location, risk levels, and other pertinent data. Each individual Dossier will act as a centralized location for case results from cross-platform features and external documents. Users can upload their own files/attachments to a Dossier, housing all relevant data in a single location.

The feature will launch in Q1 of 2022 and further strengthens LifeRaft’s unified security intelligence platform in the market. Dossiers marks the launch of Navigator’s reimagined user interface and is the first step in evolving the product to suit the needs of an ever-changing security intelligence landscape.

About Navigator

Navigator is a 24/7 monitoring and threat detection platform that automates the custom collection of social media, alternative forums, and other web sources. The investigative suite allows you to explore and validate threats, alerting you and your teams of the custom “needle in a haystack” information you need most, without inundating you with notifications.

About LifeRaft

LifeRaft is a technology company that bridges the gap between digital data discovery and traditional physical security. As the world continues to evolve online, so does the threat landscape. LifeRaft assists corporate organizations in leveraging this information to better prepare for and respond to evolving security challenges.



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