The Securitas Intelligence Unit (SIU) combines advanced technology and human insight to provide industry-leading intelligence on global security and the threat landscape. Recently the unit established a collaborative partnership with LifeRaft, a technology company that bridges the gap between traditional physical security and digital data discovery.

LifeRaft’s threat intelligence platform, Navigator, aggregates and integrates open sources including social media, deep web, and darkweb intelligence feeds. “This is a really advanced platform,” explains Mike Evans, Head of Intelligence at Securitas UK. “It automates collection and filtering of information and has a variety of investigative functions to explore and validate threats. It’s a very effective addition to the toolkit we use to help our clients get ahead of potential issues.”

The platform collects information “at speed, scope and scale” says Evans. SIU operators then overlay and map further data and information collected from a variety of sources, including other open and closed source platforms and Securitas’ own proprietary tools. “This combination of technology and human expertise is absolutely key to how we monitor and assess threats specific to our clients,” notes Evans, “Intelligence without insight is simply information, so we take that information and analyse it in the context of our clients’ threat profiles. This gives us – and them – advanced situational awareness, and a dynamic understanding of the threats they face, before they become a risk. For example, if we see, via Navigator, social media posts threatening to disrupt an event that our client is planning, we can alert them and help them take steps to mitigate the threat, by reviewing security controls, and provide ongoing monitoring to help prevent disruption.”

Benefits of partnership for Securitas and LifeRaft

The global security and threat intelligence picture is an ever-evolving landscape and LifeRaft is constantly updating and developing its Navigator platform. “A recent update drew upon SIU expertise to re-define and develop some of its alerting functions and their use cases,” Evans explains, “And this kind of collaboration is a great example of how our working partnership strengthens the capabilities of both parties.”

His view is echoed by Mary Jane Leslie, Chief Growth Officer at LifeRaft, “Combining our technology with the expertise of the Securitas Intelligence Unit’s analysts creates a powerful partnership offering for security teams around the world.,” she agrees.

Maximising the impact of investment

Navigator is a leading platform in its field, and companies use it to monitor, alert and investigate, data and information on potential threats to their organisation. However, operating intelligence is resource-intensive, and takes dedicated expertise and vigilance to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape. , so SIU clients will benefit from an industry-leading actionable intelligence service, with finished intelligence products including threat assessments, intelligence reports, and investigations, based on their specific requirements. “We make it our business to know what risks keep our clients awake at night,” says Evans, “And the moment we identify any indicators or warnings of a potential threat, our clients can rely on us to alert them to the threat, providing them with decision making advantage to protect their business. This partnership is another example of how Securitas is a TRUSTED ADVISOR to our customers, and how we help make your world a safer place.”

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