Bridging the Gap

Bridging the gap between physical security & digital intelligence

Bridging the Gap

In this blog series, we will feature areas of the internet used to bolster security and intelligence programs, and the tactics teams use to Bridge the Gap between physical security and digital intelligence. 

The world of physical security is often narrowly defined by surveillance cameras, access controls, barriers, locks, or guards. While these efforts are supportive of physical security, digital intelligence can play an equally important role in minimizing physical security risks. 

Open source intelligence tools (OSINT) are used to bridge the gap between physical and digital security intelligence. Physical security can be optimized by digital efforts by providing proactive identification and discovery of threats.

OSINT gathers and filters data from social media, chat boards and forums, blogs, news sites, analyst verified data, hidden publicly available records, and even the dark web – to identify pertinent and relevant information that may pose a threat. 

This intelligence can benefit security teams in a variety of ways including:
  • Eliminating the manual process of searching the web for threats
  • Ensuring critical, actionable, and relevant data is analyzed 
  • Saving time, effort, and valuable resources
  • Displaying trends on mass volumes of data
  • Providing analysts with more time, enabling them to appropriately make more informed decisions and act faster 

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The next blog in our series will discuss social media monitoring and the intelligence that can be derived from sources like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Parler, and other social media channels. 

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