The continued development of OSINT software by OSINT software companies has made it easier for analysts to extract useful information from what has become a threat intelligence juggernaut: Telegram.  

Telegram boasts over 700 million monthly active users and is the third most downloaded app in messaging platforms worldwide, with 31.84 million monthly downloads in 2022.  

With its end-to- end- encryption and self-destructing messages, it’s easy to see why it has become a preferred communication platform for individuals and groups who prioritize privacy and security

Indeed, as social media platforms began to aggressively regulate "misinformation,” Telegram’s initial user base consisted primarily of criminals, terrorists, and hate groups. Security experts acknowledge that, in some instances, Telegram rivals the dark web regarding accessibility and the number of illicit entities operating on it.  


The Value of Social Media Tracking Tools  

In recent years Telegram has experienced a slight demographic shift. While it still attracts a criminal element, it has become a go-to website for more mainstream users. The raw numbers alone mean that Telegram represents a treasure trove of information for OSINT analysts.  

Given its heavy emphasis on privacy, Telegram's interface is surprisingly user-friendly. However, finding relevant groups and channels can still prove challenging.  

This article explores the top nine OSINT software tools for Telegram that can help you effectively collect and analyze information.  

Let’s dive in.  

Top 9 OSINT Software Tools for Telegram



Lyzem is a search engine created specifically for Telegram. This social media tracking tool lets you search for conversations highlighting key phrases. Additionally, analysts can use Lyzem to unearth public channels, users, and groups. Lyzem is especially helpful for corporate analysts who work for organizations that prohibit them from creating an account on the site.  



Geogramint is an OSINT software tool that uses Telegram's API to identify nearby users and groups. The now-discontinued Tejado's Telegram Nearby Map inspired this social media tracking tool. Geogramint aims to improve upon the Nearby Map’s original concept by providing a more user-friendly experience.  

Geogramint’s primary limitation is that it only finds Telegram users and groups that have activated the "nearby" feature. Otherwise, it's deactivated.  

This OSINT software tool is fully supported on Windows and partially on Mac OS and Linux distributions. 


Bellingcat Telegram Phone Number Check 

The Telegram phone number check lets you check whether a specific phone number is connected to a Telegram account.  

Although it may seem obvious, using the phone number check requires a Telegram account with an active phone number. This can pose a problem for OSINT analysts, as it means others can connect a sock puppet profile back to you and your company. It makes sense to buy a burner SIM card to receive your verification code and to follow some of our other tools and techniques for safely conducting OSINT on Telegram.  


Intelligence X: TG 

Intelligence X: TG has a helpful search engine for uncovering Telegram content. Type a keyword or series of related phrases into the search bar. Then, the query will return related information from Telegram, users, channels, groups, or bots.  



Telepathy is described as the "Swiss Army Knife" of Telegram tools, allowing analysts to archive Telegram chats. Archived data include replies, media content, reactions, and comments. Additionally, Telepathy gathers member lists, analyzes top posters in a discussion, and maps forwarded messages. This tool has significant uses for identifying potential threat actors and locations. 



Telegram DB is an OSINT software tool that allows analysts to search groups, channels, and their members. Through the Telegram DB bot, analysts can search, using the database, for all public groups a user has been to. 

Additionally, the bot is also a search engine. This feature means you can search by filtering by groups and channels, yielding more results than a standard Telegram search.  


Telegram Channels 

Telegram channels or offer the most comprehensive directory of channels from across the platform. Enter the name of the group you're looking for. Alternatively, you can enter some related keywords. If has indexed the page, it will be revealed in the results.  



Telegago is a Google-based OSINT software tool for Telegram. Analysts can easily and quickly search for private groups and channels. The best feature? The search engine is right in the messenger, so it does not require opening a different browser.  



We have long recognized how important it is for intelligence-led security teams not to dismiss Telegram as a potential threat intelligence source.   

Our Navigator platform ensures that analysts recognize critical intelligence.  

Navigator is more than a simple search tool. It automates the OSINT process, saving both time and resources. Navigator collects data from public sources, including popular social media platforms, alt-tech social media channels, blogs and message boards, classified sites, deep web sources, and dark web sources, to find the most optimal threat intelligence.  

The intel-driven platform conducts these searches 24-7 and automatically, with a comprehensive alert system to let your team know as soon as a possible threat is detected.  

 With far-reaching capabilities and an exceptional customer support team, LifeRaft builds a bridge between security teams and social media platforms like Telegram to find and analyze relevant information.   


The Bottom Line on the Top Social Media Tracking Tools: An Essential Part of Your OSINT Framework    

We expect Telegram's sphere of influence in social media will only grow as other social networks exert pressure on abusive user practices.  

Furthermore, the shift towards Telegram as a hub for criminals and other illicit activities shows no signs of slowing.  

Researchers and analysts should consider Telegram a primary source for obtaining open-source intelligence. Moreover, knowledge of Telegram’s threat intelligence possibilities must go hand in hand with the right tools to leverage the existing data.  

Contact us today to learn more about our product and how you can adopt an intelligence-led OSINT strategy. 

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