Written by: Steve Day

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the world of today is already the science fiction of the past, and not even the distant past! In only a few years, it has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming the way we work, learn, and interact with the world around us. It seems every day there is some new incredible breakthrough that launches us even further into this futuristic world. While it may seem like it’s a lot to take in, it is critical (and in my opinion, super fun and exciting) to embrace AI and harness its potential if we really want to thrive.

The AI Revolution

To understand the significance of AI in our daily lives, we can draw a parallel to the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. Just as the Industrial Revolution transformed the way goods were produced and revolutionized industries, AI is poised to reshape our world in profound ways.


"AI is the new electricity."
- Andrew Ng, Co-founder of Google Brain


Those who embraced the changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution were the ones who succeeded and thrived. Similarly, individuals and businesses that recognize the potential of AI and actively integrate it into their daily lives will be the ones to reap the benefits and stay ahead in the coming years.

Fortunately, one of my favorite things about AI is that it makes intimidating tasks and out-of-reach skills easily achievable; I’m going to show you how.

AI Tools to Enhance Your Abilities

Enough theory! Let’s dig into some specific, free tools you can start using right now to enhance your own workflows.

AI Library
Perplexity is an AI-powered question-answering tool that uses the internet as a source to provide accurate and relevant answers to your queries. It’s considered by many to be the search engine of the future.

One of the most impressive features of Perplexity is its ability to use scientific papers as a source, making it not only an invaluable tool for researchers, students, but for the rest of us who have no idea what these scientific papers are trying to say! As someone always skeptical of people’s claims, I love being able to quickly pull this up and fact check.

In a world full of people making conflicting claims, being able to fact check those claims is becoming more and more valuable! I use the free version, but a paid upgrade gets you access to smarter models and image generation.


Grammarly AI Generated Image
Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you improve the quality of your written communication. Whether you're crafting an email, a chat message, or even drafting a report, Grammarly ensures that your grammar, spelling, and structure are top-notch. With Grammarly by your side, you can communicate with confidence and clarity.

One of my favorite aspects of Grammarly is not only that it helps with spelling and grammar, but it’s able to analyze the tone of your writing. Whether you want casual, assertive, professional, etc, Grammarly helps make sure your message is received as intended. The paid version will even adjust your tone for you!

ChatGPT is a versatile AI assistant that can help you with a wide range of tasks, from answering questions to providing recommendations. For Plus members, ChatGPT offers even more advanced features, such as the ability to create specialized AIs, analyze and generate images, and engage in voice conversations that are indistinguishable from human interaction.

With the specialized AI, you can set up dedicated personas to help you do your job. For instance, perhaps you want an AI to act as the recipient of a report you’ve created. Create one, describe the recipient’s role and expertise, then interact with it via chat, including sending a report! ChatGPT will analyze the document and provide relevant feedback and advice.

While OpenAI (the company behind ChatGPT) strives to provide a secure experience, make sure you disable the Chat history & training setting if you truly want to optimize the safety of your data. Otherwise it is still a very powerful tool for less sensitive information.

AI or Not
AI or Not Picture
AI image generation is getting into stunningly-realistic territory. This has opened up some incredible artistic opportunities for those who wouldn’t have had the skills needed to convert their ideas into actual visible creations. The flip side of this is that it is getting harder and harder to recognize when an image is real, and when it was made with AI.

AI or Not (as of the time of this article) is shockingly good at telling the difference between real and fake images. Not only that, but it can do the same with audio. If you’re struggling to validate whether an image is real or not, consider using a tool like this as a useful datapoint.

You can get 10 image checks for free before you’ll need to upgrade to a paid version.

Embracing AI with Confidence

I’ll be honest, this list, while it consists of incredible tools, is like admiring five grains of sand on an endless, and very pretty beach. If you want to venture down the rabbit hole, head to There’s an AI for That and start exploring the thousands of AI tools currently available.

As we explore the limitless potential of AI in our daily lives, it is natural to have some concerns or reservations. Remember, the industrial revolution was loaded with people just like us, who shared the same fear of the unknown. However, it is important to recognize that AI is designed to augment and enhance human capabilities, not replace them. By embracing AI, we can unlock new opportunities, streamline processes, and make better-informed decisions.

"AI will not replace humans, but humans who use AI will replace those who don't."
- Karim Lakhani, professor at Harvard Business School


Fun fact, I made heavy use of AI to write this article and create the images which in my mind proves my point. As these technologies continue to be developed and refined, we can look forward to a future where AI and humans work together in harmony, creating a better world for all. AI is here to stay, and you and I are going to harness its potential and be the ones to shape the future!


I’ve been writing software since I was a kid. When I was 12 my parents bought me a C++ compiler and textbook, and I quickly dove in. I started freelance web design and software development right after high school, and I worked professionally in the software industry for the 20 years that followed. Just as anyone who wants to survive in this line of work, I’ve been actively learning throughout my career. My focus wasn’t only on developing technical skills, but gaining a deeper understanding of business and leadership principles. I feel that those years have granted me valuable insights that benefit me every day. Throughout my career, I’ve discovered a love of not just writing, but architecting software, as well as guiding teams of talented developers to build a quality product. There’s little in this world more satisfying than a productive collaboration session! Watching the pieces of a good plan start coming together is a beautiful thing. I’m incredibly passionate about this work, and I’m thrilled that I’m fortunate enough to be a part of it.

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