In July, retail giant Target announced they will start closing their San Francisco stores at 6 p.m. The decision represents a drastic move on the part of management to curb rampant theft and shoplifting.

Target isn’t the only one struggling with this problem. Nationwide, retailers have reported a spike in thefts and violent incidents. Not only does that bite into the bottom line. It also threatens the safety of customers and employees.

One possible solution gaining traction with loss prevention pros: open source intelligence, or OSINT tools.

In the latest edition of the LifeRaft Security Conversations Series, Intelligence Solutions Executive Katherine Neil discusses the role OSINT tools can play in preventing theft and shoplifting as well as practical tips you can apply yourself.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to use OSINT tools to combat theft and other security risks at retail outlets
  • 5 useful keywords for uncovering bad actors online
  • The biggest mistake security teams make when implementing a social media monitoring program
  • What is the “Shoplifters’ Wikipedia” and where to find it
  • Where to find criminal “How-to” guides
  • The new retail scam to avoid
  • The Deep Web: What security professionals need to know
  • 3 little-known websites where criminals communicate online
  • How well-meaning employees can accidentally compromise your organization’s security

5 OSINT Investigation Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

We’re all ‘hard wired’ with cognitive biases to simplify complex decisions. But these mental heuristics can lead to faulty analysis, sabotaging OSINT investigations. In our free guide, we list the five most common cognitive biases that plague open-source analysts and outline practical strategies for how to deal with them.



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