Some people wear costumes to their office on Halloween, at LifeRaft it’s more common to find our dogs dressed up. Due to work from home this year we are going to miss seeing the pups in person.

Here are some of our @officedogs.of.liferaft in the Halloween spirit:

LifeRaft Halloween dogs

Of course we will also miss seeing our team get creative. Here are a few of our past office costumes:

LifeRaft Zoom halloween

We didn’t let 2020 get in the way of showing off our Halloween Spirit. Some of our team showed up to our morning water cooler Zoom call on the eve of Halloween in full costume:

A screenshot of a LifeRaft Zoom meeting on Halloween

In honour of scary movie season, we asked our team to share their favourite villains. Here are our office’s top picks:

LifeRaft villain word cloud

Halloween Bingo!

We’ve gathered some of our best predictions for this year’s trick-or-treating events! Join us in playing BINGO on Halloween night to see if you can get a 5 in row:

A Bingo card with a Halloween theme

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!