HALIFAX, SEPTEMBER (12), 2023 — LifeRaft, a renowned leader in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative — LifeRaft Labs. This leading-edge and innovative Al extension to LifeRaft is set to revolutionize the landscape of information gathering and analysis by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and collaborative expertise.

LifeRaft Labs will serve as a vibrant hub, uniting brilliant minds, industry experts, and AI enthusiasts in a quest to reshape the future of OSINT. This collaborative powerhouse will drive ideas, research, and advancements, propelling us to the forefront of AI-driven intelligence solutions.

“LifeRaft Labs is the consolidation of our vision to leverage OSINT to solve real-world problems. Labs is a focused space where we can enable a brilliant team of data scientists and OSINT experts, to take risks, experiment with bleeding edge technology, and think outside the box,” LifeRaft’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Eduardo Capouya explained. “What is top of mind at Labs is solving customer problems in our relentless pursuit of zero missed threats.”

With the fusion of AI expertise and OSINT proficiency, LifeRaft aims to transform how data is extracted, processed, and interpreted, ultimately delivering unparalleled insights to clients. We are poised to lead the industry towards more efficient and accurate incident management, streamlined threat understanding, and insightful analytics by leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies.

The Vision Behind LifeRaft Labs:

LifeRaft Labs is focused on leveraging the latest AI to solve core challenges to deliver finished intelligence to our customers. Our key objectives are saving analyst time and reducing the time to threat detection. The above will translate into three key long-term initiatives that will guide our work:

Noise reduction

One of the most significant issues in open source intelligence is the increasing volume of data available and the ratio of noise, consuming countless hours of analyst time to curate the data to identify valuable insights. By leveraging AI algorithms to detect similar content and spam, we can significantly improve the ratio by providing less but higher value data to our customers. Ultimately, with this use of AI, we can automate part of the analyst workflow, allowing the human analyst to focus on threat response.

Real-time event detection

By applying AI algorithms and leveraging Large Language Models to summarize and contextualize events, we can detect spikes and trends in customer data and identify emerging risk events and potential threats in real-time.

AI-driven risk dashboard

Our AI-driven risk dashboard initiative will empower customers to quickly get alerted and understand potential risks impacting their company, products, leadership and reputation in a simple to set up and consume format.

Leveraging AI models to enrich the data to identify toxic or threatening content and provide detailed ‘emotion’ analytics, will allow us to provide an effective way for customers to understand complex ongoing and upcoming trends and topics that emerge from their datasets.

Current Initiatives Under LifeRaft Labs:

1. Alert Deduplication – Enhancing Incident Response Efficiency: LifeRaft employs in-house technology to identify near duplicate content, reducing noise in the alert system. This optimization focuses on unique and pertinent information, leading to more efficient and accurate incident management.

2. AI SynthSum Streamlined Information Analysis: LifeRaft’s cutting-edge AI technology generates concise summaries of lengthy posts or content collections. This innovation empowers users to grasp the essence of complex topics swiftly, transforming time-consuming reading into a streamlined process.

3. Smart Alert Summaries  Contextual Clarity: LifeRaft's Smart Alert Summaries are designed to enable analysts to swiftly grasp the context of alert clusters. In today's dynamic landscape, this solution streamlines the comprehension of batches of alerts, allowing for faster, more informed actions.

4. AI Analytics  Uncovering Data Insights: Our AI analytics, powered by proprietary models and generative AI, equips customers with a valuable tool to gain insights from data over time. This innovation enables users to identify trends, topics, and more within data streams. By identifying spikes and analyzing patterns, it empowers analysts to make informed decisions, identify emerging trends and threats, and take meaningful action swiftly.

To speak with a LifeRaft member about LifeRaft Labs or to book a demo of Navigator, please visit https://www.liferaftcom/demo.

About LifeRaft:

LifeRaft is a leading OSINT software company providing threat intelligence solutions, serving medium, large, and global enterprises and corporations.
In relentless pursuit of zero missed threats for a safer world, LifeRaft aims to help security professionals further validate Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) with global event mapping, safety scores, identity resolution, and threat monitoring.

We bring years of experience to your security strategy. LifeRaft, an OSINT software company, was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We know that our people, purposes, and values are what make us stand out.

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