Darknet Partnership Further Strengthens Canadian Company’s Digital Threat Intelligence Platform

LifeRaft, a leading open source intelligence provider for corporate security, is announcing its partnership with a Denver-based information security company, DarkOwl, enabling organizations to find threats and leaked company information on the dark web.

This partnership embeds the darknet intelligence capabilities of DarkOwl’s Vision platform into LifeRaft’s proprietary platform, Navigator. With the complete dataset of DarkOwl’s DARKINT now being accessible within Navigator, LifeRaft can further empower organizations to protect their people and assets.

Through their proprietary Navigator platform, LifeRaft customers are able to leverage this dataset to search and track important information that could potentially expose them to serious risk. LifeRaft customers can now easily search otherwise unsearchable darknet content, as DARKINT has been strategically categorized within Navigator to allow users to find content such as secure credentials, personal information, intellectual property, stolen credit cards or counterfeit documents, malware and viruses, and related threat actor chatter.

“This partnership empowers us to put vital, full-scope threat intelligence into the hands of as many organizations as possible,” says Mark Turnage, Chief Executive Officer at DarkOwl. “We look forward to continuing to expand our darknet intelligence offering within LifeRaft’s Navigator platform and in doing so, bolstering them as the leading provider of open source intelligence in the industry.”

Both LifeRaft and DarkOwl look forward to leveraging their shared partnership to enable greater access to darknet data and, in doing so, strengthening the capabilities of threat intelligence teams globally. For more information, please contact melissa@liferaftinc.com or leah.meredith@darkowl.com.


About LifeRaft Inc.

Based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, LifeRaft was incorporated in 2014 with a clear objective to advance corporate security. We deliver solutions to organizations that allow them to respond appropriately to the challenges they face from the global adoption of open source channels.

For more information, please consult www.liferaftinc.com


About DarkOwl LLC

DarkOwl (formerly Owl Cybersecurity) is based in Denver, Colorado and provides darknet threat intelligence data which allows companies and organizations to understand their own digital risks. DarkOwl’s data platform allows companies to see the theft, breach, or otherwise compromised proprietary data on the darknet, thus allowing them to mitigate damage prior to the information being misused. The DarkOwl database is believed to be the largest database of darknet content available to commercial users.

For more information, please consult: www.darkowl.com


Press Contacts

Leah Meredith, DarkOwl LLC, +1-716-536-2821, leah.meredith@darkowl.com

Melissa Cooper, LifeRaft, +1-902-266-6352, melissa@liferaftinc.com



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