Press Release

HALIFAX – MARCH 20, 2018 – LifeRaft, a leading open source intelligence provider for the corporate security industry, is pleased to announce its technology will be integrated into CSX, the leading situational awareness product from global risk solution provider, PlanetRisk.

This integration will provide open source intelligence coverage to enhance existing global security operations, offering a single solution to meet the needs of Corporate Security Teams for global risk and threat monitoring intelligence and analytics.

PlanetRisk’s Corporate Security Risk (CSX) platform is designed to help security professionals protect physical assets, offices, products, and people when attacks are imminent domestically and globally. With LifeRaft’s comprehensive data sets and advanced link analysis, the integrated CSX product will enable teams to take several data points and understand the context surrounding critical events or threats.

“Our technology has always been designed to deliver a single source of easily accessible and accurate information. With this integration, we’re providing more intelligence to do just that – giving you immediate insight into threats and risks specific to your organization’s requirements.”

— Matt Tirman, Chief Commercial Officer at PlanetRisk.


As a part of this partnership, LifeRaft will endorse and support PlanetRisk as a trusted managed service provider for companies needing situational awareness but lacking the internal resources to monitor for security intelligence themselves.

“We always align ourselves with the most forward thinking, experienced, and well-respected companies,” says LifeRaft CEO, John Gallinaugh. “This integration demonstrates our commitment to only the best partnerships for our customers and for our company.”

LifeRaft has been working closely with the Canadian Trade Commissioners office in the US as an alumni of the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in New York City, and the current Boston cohort. The CTA program helps companies bolster market penetration in the United States.