Alt-tech social networks have exploded in popularity in recent years. And thanks to lax content moderation rules, these communities have become havens for criminal groups and other bad actors.

This creates new challenges for security teams.On the one hand, many professionals may not even be aware of some of the new channels where people conjugate online.

So as a result, organizations gathering open-source intelligence online could overlook serious threats to their operations.

On the other hand, alt-tech social networks present new opportunities to discover and investigate threat intelligence. This is especially true in forums and communities with relaxed content moderation guidelines.

So where should investigators and security practitioners get started?

In a recent webinar, our very own Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Neil Spencer, hosted a panel to explore how to collect intelligence, investigate threats, and mitigate security risks facing your organization using new alt-tech social networks. In particular, the group decided to focus on some of the largest and fastest-growing of these communities, namely Telegram, Chan Boards, and TikTok.

He was joined by Head of Intelligence at Securitas SIU, Mike Evans; Assistant Deputy Director, Intelligence Operations at Secure Community Network, Nathan Otto; and the Director of Research and Analytics at 2430 Group, Lindsay Wright.

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