In corporate security, much of the conversation revolves around exciting new technologies. From AI to drones and robots, these innovations capture the imagination of security professionals. 

But amidst the enthusiasm for these advancements, there's a notable gap in the discussion — few delve into the practicalities of effectively implementing these technologies. 

While the potential benefits are clear, challenges arise rolling out new tech across the organization, including resistance from the public, employees, or management. Overcoming these hurdles becomes crucial, as failure to do so can lead to the organization's reluctance to adopt these promising technologies.

So how do security leaders address this challenge?

This week, we're privileged to have Mark Folmer, President at Robotic Assistance Devices, join us on the podcast. In this episode, we explore the less-discussed aspects of security technology conversations, focusing on where security leaders often stumble when attempting to implement innovative technologies. 

We also discuss communication strategies to bring internal stakeholders on board, the dynamics of public resistance to new security measures, the importance of articulating the value of security initiatives to internal stakeholders, how AI can elevate security programs, the difference between evolutionary changes and true innovation, and much more. 


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