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Strategies for Sport and Entertainment Venues and Executives


Social media monitoring has emerged as a critical tool for security leaders at sport and entertainment venues. By monitoring online platforms, analysts can gain real-time insights into potential threats, including negative sentiment, harassment, and even planned attacks. Social media monitoring can also help security teams identify patterns and trends, which can be used to predict and prevent potential risks.

Converting all of this information into useful intelligence, however, presents a problem. Information overload, verifying sources, and alert fatigue make it difficult to translate the sheer volume of data available online into useful insights for decision-makers. To overcome these challenges, security leaders need to have access to advanced tools and strategies to analyze data effectively and focus on what is essential for threat intelligence.

To address these problems, Liferaft hosted a webinar panel discussion titled "Securing in the Spotlight: Threat Intelligence Strategies for Sport and Entertainment Venues and Executives.”


In this video, you will learn:

  • Best practices for identifying and assessing potential threats.
  • The latest tools and technologies for monitoring social media and other online platforms.
  • How security leaders can effectively use this information to keep their VIPs, players, referees, staff, and fans safe.
  • Case studies and real-life examples of successful threat intelligence strategies used in sports teams and entertainment venues
  • How to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive approach to threat intelligence and security


Kara Gronborg, Lead Intelligence Analyst, Crisis24

Kara Gronborg has been working at Crisis24 since October 2018 and currently serves as the Lead Intelligence Analyst on the NFL account based in Mount Laurel, NJ. Kara has supported almost 1,500 NFL games, 5 Super Bowls, and 5 NFL Drafts, including serving as the NFL’s lead Intelligence Planner for the 2021 Draft and 2023 Super Bowl.Prior to joining the team, Kara received a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs specializing in Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and Bachelors’ Degrees in Political Science and International Studies from Saint Francis University. Kara’s professional experience includes working on intelligence projects for the FBI, PA Attorney General, and interning for several PA federal congressmen.Outside of work, Kara enjoys spending time with her two dachshunds, Macaroni and Noddle, reading a good book, gardening, baking, hiking and other outdoors activities.


Jessica Ansley, Director of Operations, IPG (International Protection Group)

Jessica Ansley is the Director of Operations for International Protection Group, LLC (IPG), where her responsibilities include staffing and managing multiple executive protection details globally. Mrs. Ansley also operates in the field providing close in protection, logistics and planning for individuals worldwide. Mrs. Ansley works with multiple clients to define their needs and budgets. She routinely staffs and provides logistical support for protection details involving protection drivers domestically to multiple teams traveling internationally. Mrs. Ansley has developed systems and protocols for tracking and evaluating all aspects of these operations. She is sought out for her attention to detail and problem-solving skills.Mrs. Ansley also serves as the Recruitment and Compliance Manager for the Executive Protection Institute (EPI) where her responsibilities include instruction and support of the day to day operations of the Institute. After graduating from EPI in 2010, Jessica immersed herself in the complex legal requirements concerning both protection and training and is a subject matter specialist in Virginia Private Security Services. Jessica is a recipient of the Dr. Richard W. Kobetz Achievement Award, a member of the Nine Lives Associates (NLA) as well as the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers (ASET).


Steve Albritton, Owner OPStructure

Steve Albritton brings over two decades of executive protection experience, having built and maintained one of the busiest, fast-paced global executive protection teams in the world, with operations spanning multiple continents, high profile events and engagements while supporting some of the world’s most notable individuals, and their families. Steve has directed global operations and projects spanning 6 continents, that included 3 Olympics, 5 Super Bowls, special events, safaris and maritime operations.With a background spanning the beaches of Somalia during his Marine Corps service, to law enforcement and service as a private sector security contractor in the Middle East, Steve’s acumen includes a balance of military, law enforcement and private sector security perspectives.Steve continues to demonstrate the surgical expertise of high-end security/protection practices, as well as deep understanding and experience in providing VIP-level customer service and executive support that enables clients and companies alike to quickly and safely transition from place to place, anywhere in the world.


Anton Kalaydjian, Founder & CEO, Guardian Professional Security

Anton Kalaydjian has over 25 years of executive-level security experience providing top-rated security for the world's elite,executives, celebrities, and talent across more than 60 countries.Anton built a 3-division operation from the ground up and drove the firm to the largest celebrity protection agency in the Eastern U.S. Guardian Professional Security’s divisions includeExecutive/Celebrity Protection, Residential/Commercial Security and Concert/Event Security.Anton is recognized as one of the top Personal Protection Specialists in the world. As an industry leader, Anton is often asked to deliver speeches and presentations at close protection conferences and security seminars nationwide. He has served as Head of Security and Advance Team Leader for over a dozen multi platinum, Grammy Award-winning artists including eight #1 Billboard artists.As an Event Security Director, Anton has personally directed or supervised over 2,000 live concerts, events, music festivals and sporting events worldwide. His career protecting international celebrities has been featured in numerous publications such as Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Miami Herald, South Florida Business Journal, WLRN-Miami, and the 2016 documentary film "Bodyguards: Secret Lives from the Watchtower."Anton Kalaydjian is a natural born Guardian. He is passionate about his clients and their families' safety, security, and peace of mind. He takes a proactive approach to accomplishing the mission and has been known to go above and beyond the call of duty to save lives and reputations.Anton founded Guardian Professional Security in 2005. Since inception the company has reported consistent increased growth, with each consecutive year surpassing the prior. Since 2020, Guardian has grown 150% and is now a $10 million dollar+ security agency with over 450 employees and offices in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and California. Guardian is an accredited business and has earned a continuous A+ Rating with the Better BusinessBureau every year consecutively since 2010.

Anton Kalaydjian is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security, the Event Safety Alliance, and theNine Lives Associates. A graduate of the Executive Protection Institute (EPI), Anton is now the Lead Instructor for EPI's Celebrity Protection Course in New York City. He is a Certified Security Trainer by the Academy of Security Educators and Trainers, and a Certified Security Officer Instructor for the State of Florida since 2018.


Ben Barrontine, Vice President, Executive Services, 360 Privacy 

Ben spent 15 years in the military ranging from Infantry to Special Operations Intelligence with extensive experience in social engineering, digital exploitation, and cyber targeting with the DoD, SOF, and NSA before spending a year with NASA working with astronaut communicators and eventually moving over to help stand up 360 Privacy’s full suite of services.360 Privacy is now the premier provider of privacy and security solutions with a focus on stalking, counter social engineering, counter-corporate espionage, and digital executive protection. With almost 200 years of Special Operations, Executive Protection, and Intelligence Agency experience, offering comprehensive protection to the NHL, NFL, MLB, Team USA, and Fortune 500 companies across the country. With a commitment to excellence and unparalleled expertise, we are the trusted partner for those looking to safeguard their assets, reputation, and sensitive information.

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