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Security Platform Pushes New AI Capabilities

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Navigator assists in open source monitoring by quickly finding relevant security and intelligence information
The Navigator platform is used globally to aid with open source monitoring.

Halifax – November 9, 2018

The new artificial intelligence capability learns subject matter identified by the user. This enables analysts to better qualify and validate threats to a company’s security or operations. The platform uses a scoring system that understands context and recognizes repeated content, quality of author, and frequency of publishing to identify relevancy. As a result, it prioritizes the most relevant content to the top.

“The Relevance Filtering helps us find the information that matters, faster,” says Sam Ward, Vice President at TorchStone, regarding Navigator’s new artificial intelligence capabilities. “In the security industry, time matters, so the quicker we can get relevant information, the safer we can keep our clients.”

Navigator automates the process of gathering and filtering publicly available sources for high risk posts online, pertinent to an organization. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm learns the essence of these risks and can alert companies when critical intelligence has been identified.

“By applying a natural language model trained on a vast amount of data, the relevance algorithm is able to identify and surface content that is related by meaning and context, getting a step closer to a more human approach to data intelligence,” says Eduardo Capouya, Co-Founder and CTO at LifeRaft. “This is an area that we will continue to expand on in upcoming releases.”

The LifeRaft team will be attending the AI & Big Data, Blockchain, and IoT Conference and Exhibitions in Santa Clara, California, November 28-29 to share Open Source Intelligence best practices and use case applications.

Melissa Cooper
Communications Manager, LifeRaft

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