Engaging in open-source intelligence demands a perpetual learning curve. Yet, this likely isn't news to you – it's why you're scouring for fresh OSINT podcasts and resources to remain at the forefront of your field.

The landscape shifts rapidly. The reservoir of public data expands ceaselessly. And let's not overlook the proliferation of tools aiding analysts in their inquiries.

Staying abreast demands unwavering commitment.

Thus, if you're keen on navigating the dynamic realm of intelligence, OSINT podcasts become indispensable allies.

They offer a convenient means to stay updated, and the discussions ignite inspiration, encouraging listeners to experiment with novel tactics and methodologies.

We've curated a selection of our five preferred OSINT podcasts to assist you. Additionally, for each series, we've pinpointed key episodes that newcomers should prioritize.

Now that we've set the stage let's delve right in!

Our 2024 List of the 5 OSINT Podcasts Every Analyst Should Follow

  1. OSINT Cocktail
  2. 8th Layer Insights
  3. The Lockdown - Practical Privacy & Security
  4. NeedleStack
  5. Talking Threat Intelligence


1. OSINT Cocktail

Kirby Plessas and Cynthia Navarro conduct interviews with investigators from various backgrounds, shedding light on the diverse tools essential for their work. The aim is to showcase the wide array of setups utilized by investigators and glean valuable insights for conducting thorough investigations. 

Tune in to the OSINT Cocktail podcast, where we delve into the tools of the trade for online investigations. Whether you're a novice investigator, an experienced pro, or involved in related fields like investigative journalism, sourcing, or marketing, we'll be speaking with experts to uncover their daily practices. Stay tuned for expert tips and insights!

Some of our favorite episodes:


2. 8th Layer Insights

Prepare yourself for an in-depth exploration into what cybersecurity experts commonly term the "8th Layer" of security: HUMANS. 

This podcast delves into the multifaceted ways in which human behavior impacts security and risk. Perry Carpenter, an author, security researcher, and enthusiast of behavioral science, engage with experts to shed light on this complex topic. Discussions cover a wide range of subjects, including cybersecurity, psychology, behavioral science, communication, leadership, and beyond.

Some of our favorite episodes:


4. The Lockdown - Practical Privacy & Security

The inability to attain extreme levels of privacy shouldn’t deter one from taking any protective measures at all. The Lockdown - Practical Privacy & Security is hosted by Ray Heffer, an expert in the field of privacy and cybersecurity, with each episode touching on a range of topics, such as data privacy, password management, and secure browsing habits. 

Some of our favorite episodes:

5. NeedleStack

Our friends at Authentic8 are behind this incredible podcast called NeedleStack.

Each week, NeedleStack co-hosts chat about the latest news, tools, and techniques from around the world of OSINT, and interview professional open-source researchers who discuss tips to hone your skills, improve tradecraft and protect yourself as you search the surface, deep and dark web. 

This podcast stands out for its deep dives into operational security when conducting open-source research. Conversations often focus on hiding your digital footprints online.

Some of our favorite episodes:


6. Talking Threat Intelligence

Since OSINT is our bread and butter, we hope you don’t mind us adding our very own Talking Threat Intelligence to the list.

Every other week, the series invites guests to unpack issues from the world of physical security. And, of course, threat intelligence is a consistent theme. 

Recent episodes include OSINT for executive protection, creating more actionable threat intel, and networking your way into the security industry. 

Some of our most popular recent episodes:

Wrapping It Up on OSINT Podcasts

The volume of content encompassing the realm of open-source intelligence continues to expand. Consequently, numerous other OSINT podcasts could (and likely should) be included in this compilation.

However, the aforementioned channels offer ample resources to initiate your journey. Embark on a following spree and incorporate these series into your podcast listeni

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