HALIFAX, NS, March 27, 2023 — LifeRaft, a leading Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform committed to the pursuit of zero missed threats for a safer world and serving Fortune 500 clients, announced today a strategic partnership with Resolver, a global leader in risk intelligence solutions. This partnership will allow users of LifeRaft's product, Navigator, to share content of interest directly from the Navigator platform to Resolver's Threat Protection application.

"Partnering with Resolver is a natural fit for us as we share the same commitment to providing our customers with the tools they need to better protect their organizations," said Jonathan Graff, CEO of LifeRaft. "The integration of Navigator with Resolver's Threat Protection application will enable our customers to make faster and better-informed decisions about potential threats. This also enables mutual clients to take a best-of-breed approach to their security technology stack while breaking down departmental silos."

Resolver's risk intelligence platform improves data capture, increases operational efficiency, and generates actionable insights to let security teams see the full picture of threats and incidents and get ahead of them. With powerful built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, Resolver enables security leaders to prove the value of their programs and fast-track needed security modernization investments by connecting security initiatives to the outcomes that matter most to the broader organization. 

"We are excited to partner with Navigator, to deliver an integrated solution that will enable our customers to identify and mitigate security risks more effectively," said Will Anderson, CEO of Resolver. "By integrating Navigator's OSINT data with Resolver's Threat Protection application, organizations will have access to critical threat intelligence, allowing them to understand potential threats in the context of the larger enterprise." 

The partnership between LifeRaft and Resolver provides an integrated solution that enables organizations to better identify, assess, and respond to security threats and incidents.

Both Navigator (Stand 25125) and Resolver (Stand 20125) will be exhibiting at the upcoming ISC West trade show at The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, March 28-31. We invite attendees to visit our booths to learn more about our solutions.

For more information about Navigator, and Resolver, please visit www.liferaftinc.com and www.resolver.com


About LifeRaft

LifeRaft is a leading threat intelligence provider, serving medium, large, and global enterprises and corporations.

In relentless pursuit of zero missed threats for a safer world, our purpose is to help security professionals further validate Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) with global event mapping, safety scores, identity resolution, and threat monitoring.

We bring years of experience to your security strategy. LifeRaft was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We know that our people, purposes, and values are what make us stand out. 


About Resolver

Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context, revealing the true business impact within every risk. Its Risk Intelligence Platform traces the extended impact of all types of risk—whether compliance or audit, incidents or threats—and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics. So, customers can communicate risk persuasively, framing it in terms of the business. And with this changed perspective comes an entirely new role for risk and security teams to play. Finally, risk and security go from being seen as a barrier to becoming a strategic partner driving the business. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence.


For further information:

Media Contact: Beverly Crandon, LifeRaft, Beverly.Crandon@liferaftinc.com, 1-888-250-2586

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