Threats to security and patron safety have never been higher.

Digital media has changed the game for fans, artists, athletes, and now security personnel. In a world where tens of thousands of fans gather each week to see their favorite teams or bands play in major venues around the world, threats to security and patron safety have never been higher.

Event and Facility Management professionals are tasked with maintaining the safety of all these different stakeholders, as well as the facility and surrounding infrastructure. Events of this size and magnitude are complex to manage and the threat to safety can be unpredictable. However, with industry-leading technology designed to predict and prevent incidents from taking place, security teams can now be more prepared to resolve issues even before they happen.

Navigator uses real-time monitoring of all major social media channels, websites, blogs, video channels, and deep web sources to identify, collect, and track threats or subjects of interest. When a threat has been identified, users can be alerted in real-time via text or email to act on critical intelligence. This cloud-based platform is capable of digitally recreating events from the past to determine what social trends may repeat themselves amidst major incidences, enabling teams to be prepared and proactive.

A screenshot of a geo-fence surrounding an area in Las Vegas, displaying indicators of social media posts

Investing the time and resources to manually gather open source intelligence as a safety and threat prevention tool is both impractical and inefficient. By using an automated platform, events and entertainment professionals can streamline their digital security efforts to prepare their teams for efficient preventative and responsive action.

Utilizing simple technology solutions can save your organization time and money, leveraging the power of open source data to your organization’s advantage.



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