OSINT software tools that facilitate flight, maritime, and transit tracking can help investigators tap into a powerful source of threat intelligence.  

The right tools allow organizations to spot risks such as natural and industrial disasters, crime and terrorism, disease outbreaks, and political instability. 

From a physical security standpoint, transport tracking tools can go a long way in bolstering employee and executive travel security.  

Simply put, the ability to flag potentially dangerous or harmful events provides valuable real-time information on what is happening on the ground in an emergency or potentially impactful situation.  

The Value of Transport Tracking Tools 

Transport tracking becomes especially relevant when thinking about one of the primary jobs of a security team- exercising the duty of care when employees travel.  

One crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and satisfaction of VIPs is to offer them helpful information about their destination before their trip – yet most organizations fall short in this regard.  

To that end, less than 50% of business travelers receive pre-trip information from their employers before leaving. This lack of knowledge can leave employees uninformed and vulnerable to potential threats.  

However, acquiring the ability to track transport in all forms can be a challenge.  

Fortunately, several powerful OSINT software tools can help you collect, monitor and analyze transportation-related data from flight, maritime and transit trackers.  

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 OSINT software tools for transport tracking to help you further refine your decision-making.  

Let’s explore.  

The 10 Best Transport Tracking Tools 

Flight Aware 

Flight Aware is an OSINT software tool that provides real-time flight traffic in your immediate region and worldwide. Featuring an interactive map that provides an overview of current flights, investigators can click on any specific aircraft or airport for more information on flight numbers, ETA, potential delays, and even local weather conditions.  

Flight Radar 

Like Flight Tracker, Flight Radar is a transport tracking tool using an interactive map to show all global flights. Investigators can easily zoom in and out to acquire information from a specific corner of the world. A left-side menu also allows investigators to track particular flights and weather conditions and monitor the movements of executives, personnel, and other persons or flights of interest. 

Air Now  

Air Now is an OSINT software tool that utilizes map-based flight tracking. Air Now is continually updated with a top ticker that shows the most viewed flights in recent history. Investigators can click on any flight in the region to obtain more information, including scheduled arrival time, the aircraft model and flight number, and the exact longitude and latitude of its current location.  

Radar Box 

Radar Box is another map-based tool that provides real-time movements of aircraft all around the globe. Like related tools Flight Aware and Flight Radar, Radar Box also displays brief details on each plane when you hover your cursor over a specific aircraft, making tracking multiple flights at once more straightforward and faster.  

ADS-B Exchange 

ADS-B Exchange is a free transport tracking tool primarily used to track military and police aircraft. The website’s live map, which looks similar to other flight tracking platforms, allows investigators to select filters to only monitor a specific type of aircraft – like military planes. 

Marine Traffic 

OSINT software tools that enable maritime or port analysis have also become increasingly important for analysts.  

With rising global trade, there's a growing need for monitoring and analyzing maritime ports. The analysis includes tracking COVID cases, transporting medicines and goods, and overseeing shipbuilding and breaking.  

Enter Marine Traffic. Marine Traffic has a similar interface to the above flight tracking tools. Still, instead of constantly monitoring aircraft movements, it focuses on varying types of vessels worldwide. The vessels are color-coded to distinguish them as cargo vessels, passenger vessels, tankers or military vessels.  Investigators can click on any individual ship to receive more information, as well as the vessel's last known location. In addition, security teams can also get information on the route forecast, the projected speed and course, and past tracks to monitor a specified marine craft's current and previous movements. 

Vessel Finder 

Vessel Finder is an OSINT software tool like Marine Traffic.  It uses an interactive and color-coded map to track vessel movements all around the globe. Each vessel’s location, based on recent satellite data, and a report on recent movements, port calls, area weather, and vessel particulars are available. 

Marine Connector 

The Marine Connector is slightly different from the traditional map-based tracking tools, as it was primarily designed to connect ship workers with available jobs on cargo vessels, passenger vessels, and other marine crafts. 

From an OSINT perspective, it’s a helpful tool because it allows investigators to gain data about crew members that may be on board specified ships, which helps ensure personnel or supplies are safe.  

Mobility Portal 

Mobility Portal is a unique transport tracking tool that tracks on-the-ground public transport, specifically trains, buses, and other forms of transportation that follow a particular route. 

 By clicking on any of the transportation dots on the color-coded maps, investigators can see the complete route and where the bus, train, etc., is currently stationed or traveling. Times for each stop are listed so that analysts can keep tabs on any delays, interruptions in services and estimated times of arrival for executives or other personnel utilizing public transportation.  


Shodan is an OSINT software tool that tracks transport of all varieties. Instead of monitoring an individual vessel or craft's location, it searches for all the applications connected to the internet, including webcams, intelligent appliances, wind turbines, and communications systems. 

 These data sources provide valuable information as investigative teams can keep tabs on specified vessels or crafts via the onboard communications systems that relay their location and associated details.  

LifeRaft’s Navigator - An Essential Part of Your OSINT Software Framework 

LifeRaft has long recognized the value of transport tracking tools in maintaining situational awareness and keeping executives, operations, and assets safe.  

Navigator provides continuous internet monitoring using tailored search criteria to identify and address potential risks to your personnel, resources, and activities. Our advanced filtering capabilities enable users to distinguish relevant information from irrelevant noise. Our software ensures comprehensive coverage by scanning major social media platforms and more discreet online communities like forums, chan boards, paste sites, and the dark web.  

In addition to automated monitoring, Navigator offers a comprehensive set of investigative and reporting tools. This all-in-one platform streamlines the work of OSINT investigators and security teams, eliminating the need for multiple applications. 

The Bottom Line on Transport Tracking Tools 

Transport tracking is a straightforward and accessible tool for security teams.  

By leveraging these tools, investigators can gain valuable insights into transportation-related data, monitor real-time developments, and streamline their investigation process. 

The OSINT software outlined in this article provides a great starting place in helping you find the most effective tool for your security program.  

Contact us today to see how Navigator can help your security operations. With an expert tool like Navigator, security teams can save valuable resources and time while having limitless access to the information that matters most to their organization.

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