What OSINT skills do employers want in new hires right now? And how can you stand out from other applicants during the hiring process?

Loránd Bodó, an OSINT professional and the creator of OSINTJobs.com, joins the podcast this week. In this episode, we discuss the strategies he used to break in and grow his career as an OSINT professional.

Expect to learn the biggest mistakes candidates make when starting a career in OSINT, the number one error that prevents candidates from landing their dream OSINT jobs, why networking isn’t sleazy, the top OSINT skills companies want in new hires, why highly advanced technical skills may not be as important as you might think, the unconventional technique anyone can do to stand out during the application process, and much more.


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5 OSINT Investigation Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

We’re all ‘hard wired’ with cognitive biases to simplify complex decisions. But these mental heuristics can lead to faulty analysis, sabotaging OSINT investigations. In our free guide, we list the five most common cognitive biases that plague open-source analysts and outline practical strategies for how to deal with them.



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